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Blue-Faced Leicester (BFL) Combed Tops

100 % Blue Faced Leicester Wool Combed Tops for handspinning.


Blue Faced Leicester, also known as BFL, is the Volkswagen Passat of the fiber world. The breed yields fiber which averages 26 micron in thickness and 85 to 90 mm in length. The fiber is soft, yet strong with moderate sheen, and thus it is perfect for all types of garments. BFL is very durable, and the resulting yarn will have reasonable amount of drape, so this fiber is perfect for nealy anything from shawls to sweaters. (For socks, I would recommend superwash BFL-nylon blends, which will become available soon.)

All tops are sold in quantities of approximately 100 g (3½oz) unless otherwise stated.

Handwash strongly recommended. BFL will felt relatively easily.